Dossier Sans Titre: Jåmvvis

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Dossier Sans Titre: Jåmvvis

What is a Dossier Sans Titre?

The "dossier Sans Titre" are series of interviews with Montreal artists. The goal of those interviews is to allow people to understand the creative process that's behind the final work. Mixing music, visuals and text to ensure our readers a smooth experience.


SST:  First off, why the dot over the a, and the two v's?
Jåmvvis: The dot represents the two a's of my name, Jamal. The two v's was honestly to make it look cool because jamvvis represents the fusion of my full name. Jamal Davis = jåmvvis. A lot of people mess up my name and use either one v or two m’s which is a total disrespect.

SST: When did you start producing?
jåmvvis: I started producing when I was 11. The first thing I ever tried was a PS2 emulator for music and this PSP game called “Beaterator” by Timbaland. Then I realized what FL Studio was and that practically changed my life.

SST: You collaborate with lots of artists. Who would you like to collab with next?

jåmvvis: hehe, yeah I do have a lot of collabs. Honestly, I’m quite done with collabs with producers, I try to work with artists and I’ll only really work with producers only if it’s necessary or if I really mess with the person's sound. I would really love to work with High Klassified, tek.lun, EestBound, Madlib, Mndsgn and Pete Rock one day.

SST: You make lots of beats for Montreal rappers. What do you think about the Montreal rap scene? What could be better? What’s missing? What’s dope?

jåmvvis: I’m getting there! I need to focus on working with more Montreal artists because they are all talented. The Hip-Hop scene is dope, but Montreal artists really need to be known and not slept on. I would say this would be the year that everyone will be noticed on the radar even if you are from Montreal, Laval, St-Leo (Saint-Leonard, a neighbourhood in Montreal’s East End). The music for rappers is evolving day by day.

Your music

SST: What do you want to express through your music?

jåmvvis: I try to make sure my music gives some sort of a feeling, or is telling a story. I express a bunch of emotions with my music. Introvert life has kinda got to me. I want my sound to be something to remember; even though there are new sounds everyday, my sound will always be there. Like an owl.

SST: All of your artwork is dope and is generally original work done by artists you collaborate with. Can you tell us about the importance of visual art in your music?

jåmvvis: For my artwork, I didn’t want it to be complicated. I wanted it to be simple and fun. Some of it I did on my own, and for the rest, artists would draw something for me. Soon enough when my EP drops, all the artwork will be changed and will be drawn by Jei Bandit. He got that drawing skill on deck.

SST: What’s your creative process when you make beats? Do you have a ritual or do you go with the flow?

jåmvvis: Honestly, I used to do five beats a day, ten beats a day until it drained me and I would either get some dope songs, or flops. I kind of learned to not force inspiration and catch it whenever it comes through my mind, but I make music everyday and I’m comfortable when it comes to creating.

SST: Where do you find your samples?

jåmvvis: We all know where people find their samples: Youtube. I’ve been starting to collect records and I’m going to start trying to get a record player and start discovering gems.

SST: What influences your music?

jåmvvis: My influences in music are Bob Ross, Toro y Moi and his wonderful creations, Mndsgn and anime. I listen to new music everyday to discover new influences but these are my major ones.

Photos par W95

Photos par W95

Sans Titre questions

SST: What Montreal artist(s) should we write about?

jåmvvis: Jei Bandit, Freakey!, knwbe (crypt), Green Hypnotic, Zeina, Tibe, DOJO! and The Kount. I got a bunch more but there is some talent out here in Montreal.

SST: What recent event particularly got your attention, and how did you react?

jåmvvis: The one thing that shocked me in my life is when i found out Scooby Doo's name was "Scoobert Doobert". That changed my whole life.

Written by: Simon Tousignant & Naïl Sousa Cordeiro

Photos: W95